Privacy Policy

“Wallypay“ welcomes your visit to this website and mobile application (reffered as website) and appreciates the interests you express towards our services.

Protecting your confidential information is crucial to us. Hence, while visiting our website, we would like you to feel safe and comfortable.

We protect your personal data, which have been collected, preccessed and utilized while visiting our website and later on as well.

By accessing our website, you agree on this confidentiality policy. Otherwise, you should suspend using the next pages.

Personal data processing conditions are prescribed by this confidentiality policy. Given document interpretes the type of information you may provide or have been provided; in the meantime, it referred the type and goals, your personal data is utilized. Please, note, that confidentiality policy may become a subject to update from time to time, hence, we call on to check the website more often.

I. policy goals

1.1. By this document “Privacy Policy” ( hereinafter “policy”), Wallypay LLC meets the requirements of the Georgian law upon “ Personal data protection”, international standards on data privacy and fully conforms them. Ensuring data privacy promotes fair and credible relationships, which is the major concern for our company. Given serves as the backbone for partnership and cooperation.

II. policy operation realm and modifications

2.1. Present policy applies to Wallypay LLC, related natural and legal entities and is utilized for personal data processing.

2.2. This policy might be updated from time to time. Hence, you are advised to recite with it regularily. The last version of this policy is available at the company website:

III. Administration of legislation

3.1. Said policy covers the requirements of the applicable law of Georgia along with the principles of international law upon the personal data privacy. In the event of any discrepancy, arisen between this policy and the legislation of Georgia currently in force, applicable law prevails.

IV. Personal data protection principles

4.1. When processing the personal data, individual rights of the subject shall be observed. Personal data shall be collected and prcossed lawfully and legally.

4.2. Any further modifications are introduced to the existed and already processed data as an exception only and requires precense of appropriate grounds.

4.3. Personal data are collected and processed transparantly. Data subject shall be notified upon processing his data. Generally, personal data shall be collected from the data subject directly, the data concernes with. When collecting the data, data subject shall be aware of:

1. The identity of data processing authorized entity;

2. Data handling goal;

3. Third parties, who may have access to the personal data.

4.4. Protected personal data shall be accurate (as applicable), complete and updated.

4.5. Personal data are confidential; accordingly, individual data shall be protected applying respective organizational and technical measures, which eliminate unautorised access to the data, their unlawful handling or dissemination, accidental loss, alteration or destruction.

V. Information collection

5.1. Personal information/personal data, Wallypay may collect, process and request the third parties to deliver are as follows:

1. Name, Surname.

2. Personal number and ID (passport, identification card) number;

3. Factual and legal addresses:

4. Gender:

5. Date of birth;

6. E-mail;

7. Telephone number;

8. Any other information, which may be available in face-to-face meeting, application fill out, WallyPay website, via social media, E-mail, online consultation, via telephone or any other means.

5.2. When visiting the Wallypay website or applying the mobile application, the follow up information may be collected.

1. Time of website visit;

2. IP address;

3. Internet Provider (you utilize for connecting with the internet);

4. Place of visiting the website;

5. Browser type and version;

6. Other communication information;

5.3 Information, supplied by third persons may cover the data, stipulated and prescribed by the Georgian law upon personal data privacy along with the information, obtained based on the approval, provided by the subject in prior.

1. Payment information from banks or other financial institutions;

2. Information, provided by the business partners from the analytical providers in technical, settlement, service provisions, advertising network, when rendering service;

3. Solvency statement;

4. Any information release realted case, which is preliminarily approved by the data subject upon information transmission and release.

VI. Utilizing the collected information

6.1. Information, collected by Wallypay shall be applied within the applicable law of Georgia, in pursuit of rendering best service, respective to the interests of the data subject. Purpose of utilizing information is as follows:

1. Identification;

2. Rendering favorable service;

3. Communication;

4. Our production and service improvement;

5. Administration and refining our website, safety observance and ensuring the subject arrangement data to be represented in a most effective form;

6. Fulfillment of the commitments, imposed by the applicable law of Georgia;

7. Contractual stipulation performance;

8. Our marketing and advertising activity improvement;

9. Dispute settlement if arisen;

10. Any other goals, which conform with the legal relation arisen between the client and WallyPay LLC.

VII. Transferring information collected to the third party.

7.1. Wallypay may release the personal data contractual commitments performance and for another goals, prescribed by this policy. Information is to be released to:

1. Banks and other financial institutions in order to render proper service to you (which will check, process and request or transfer your data to the third person if needed within the applicable law of Georgia.

2. Analytical and search engine providers, which assist us to refine and optimize the web site;

3. Partly or fully selling of our business may trigger releasing your personal data to the third parties;

4. For any other goals, necessary for rendering service to you.

7.2. When releasing the data, we are obliged to ensure observing personal data privacy and processing measures by the data recipient, like we do.

7.3. Your personal data are handled, saved and transferred to the third parties, in accordance with volume and rule, prescribed by the confidentiality policy, the contract concluded between you and us and your approval provided from time to time. We may release your information to protect you and your personal data. We preserve right to deliver your personal information, when required by the applicable law; when we deem it appropriate to observe our right or due to any legal dispute or court proceedings, undergoing against our website. Besides, we preserve right to release your information for the follow up purposes: observance and implementation of this policy; performance and implementation of the condition designed for using our website or other contracts. Protection of the website, its users and other rights, property and safety.

VIII. Application of links

8.1. „Links” are used to collect data from your web server.

8.2. „Links“ contain information, saved to the hard disk of your computer. Links don’t contain personal information but statistical ones, describing our visit to web site, which enables us to improve the website and create personalized information.

8.3. If you don’t want to release your link data, you can delete by means of your browser. Please, note, that, in the event of deleting or cancelling our links, you may not be allowed to see the website in full or utilize all of its functions.

IX. Information saving

9.1. Information will be saved on your saved servers, any information exchange via server is decoded for your safety. Besides, the data is saved for a reasonable time limit, required for a specific goal, the data has been collected for. This goal may cover fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by us and observing our legal interests as well.

9.2. Please, consider, that online information exchange is not completely protected and there is a chance of exposing the protected information to a specific risk.

9.3. You are responsible for any information released by you. Please, be careful, when giving out passwords and other data.

9.4. The company takes no responsibility over the links (website addresses) of the third parties, uploaded on the website. Any link of the third party is beyond of our control and we assume no responsibility on their protection.

X. Your rights against data

10.1. You are entitled to request information on your personal data, we process along with the purpose, character of processing and identitiy of the adressee (unless release of said information is prohibited by law).

10.2. To check the information upon you, you can request the copy of our processed information for free. You can request updating , modification and delete of your personal data any time. We preserve right to waiver meeting these requirements, if this will expose others confidentiality to risk, negatively affect the service quality, is unreasonable or repeated and requires disproportionate effort, together with the cases, prescribed in law.

XI. Age

You shall be mature (18 years old) if you want to apply our service.

XII. Contact

In case of any questions, requirements or comments related to this policy or rule of processing your data, please contact to the follow up E-mail and/or telephone number +995 032 256 05 55.

XIII. Policy changes

This policy may be changed any time and we are committed to refer the date of last update. In the event of any substantial changes introduced to our policy, we will notify you via website, E-mail or other communication means.


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